2Ru3 - From The heart (EP)

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Past Releases


Alpha (THe Beginning)

"Alpha (The Beginning)" released April 10, 2016 and was 2Ru3's debut project that also featured his debut single "The People" which also later had a music video released for it the following year.

2Ru3 Stylin' (Revisited)

"2Ru3 Stylin' (Revisited)" released on December 12, 2016 featuring the MC flowing over 5 instrumentals from various producers such as Erick Sermon and Warren G and later was supported by his "Hip Hop (Still Livin) ['Til I Die Remix]". The project landed in numerous digital outlets and Columbia's own "Free Times" newspaper.

And This Is (4 The Struggle)

The Crossroads (Freestyle)

Tryna Get Mine (Marinatin' Freestyle)